Tortilla Roll-up with Rose Canadian Style Bacon and Beans

This is one wrap that won’t bore you. Tangy Canadian style back enhances the flavor base.


Corn tortillas
Fried beans (broth included)
Rose Canadian Style Bacon sliced in 1/8 inch strips
Fresh shredded cheese. I prefer Cheddar with this recipe.
Tomato sauce (tomato, onion, salt and some oregano, all blended)


Heat beans in a casserole dish. Soak the tortillas in the beans for about 30 seconds. Remove with tongs and place on a flat plate. Top with a thin layer of Rose Canadian Style Bacon and roll up.

Repeat for as many rolls as you would like to make. Add more beans on top of the rolls and cover with a layer of shredded cheese and another layer of tomato sauce. Serve as is.

Attributed to: Rose Packing Company, makers of Rose Canadian Style Bacon. Check them out for more great recipes at

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